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NaNoWriMo Woes

Okay, am I the only one who begins a novel, with only the vaguest of ideas as to what I want to do? I know that I want to place this guy in the fantasy world. I know I want him to go through a bunch of fairytale-like adventures. A castle, a dragon, a troll, etc. I know that I want him to realize that, as fun as it is to read about fairytales, living in a world where you constantly have to deal with another dimension (magic), nothing is as it appears, and creatures have powers you don’t have to understand, is really not fun, and we are fortunate to live in the world the Creator made for us instead. The problem is, i have no idea how I want to accomplish any of this – how he is going to go through any of these adventures or what is going to come out of it – and I am moving forward in writing completely blindly. I feel like a fool and I think that the full plot should have come to me by now. Why can’t writing be as easy as so many people seem to think it is? How do I accomplish what I want to do when I have no idea what I want to do???



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This makes me wish I had a friend nearby who also liked to write. Granted, we might just spend the evening commiserating on how we aren’t writing anything and will never make 50,000 words, but still – it is the thought that counts!



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Update: It has been conveyed to me via a reliable resource that I need to clarify a couple things.

One: This is a giveaway just on this blog, not nationally – so if only one person comments on this post, they WILL get the e-book. If three people comment, then I will draw names between those three people.

Two: This is an advance copy of the book! It is not even available in stores yet! You will be one of the first to ever read it!

And, as a further clarification, liking the post doesn’t count as a comment – although I am tempted to count it as a comment. 😛 So, please make sure that you actually write a comment to be entered in the contest! Come on, you know you want to be one of the only people in the nation with exclusive access to an advance copy of the next bestseller!


So, in the spirit of NaNoWriMo and new authors in general, I am hosting an e-book giveaway! A friend of mine recently signed a book contract – yes, I struggled with jealousy too. Please take a few minutes, swallow your jealousy, imagine yourself in her place, and read on! 🙂 All you have to do is leave a comment – any comment – even “hi” for those of you as introverted as me, and I will put you in the pool to win the book!

Below please find a blurb, the first page of the book, and an author bio!

PlumPuddingBride_w12241_300 (4) (2)

Book Blurb:

Patience Callahan is twenty-five and fast becoming an old maid. But she’s spent most of her life dreaming over romantic European literature and wants a dashing d’Artagnan, not a bookish Bob Cratchit. Alas, the Colorado town of Gilman’s chock-full of Cratchit’s without a d’Artagnan in sight.

Peter Foote, the general store owner, has been in love with Patience for seven years. But every time he’s on the verge of proposing, she cuts him off; he can only imagine on purpose. This time though, dadburn it, he’s going to go through with it.

Ring in hand, he’s moments from touching knee to floor, when Patience pulls out a list of mail-order bride advertisements and declares her intention of marrying a backwoods stranger on Christmas Day.

He’s got two weeks to change her mind.

The first page of Plum Pudding Bride

There she was, the girl he’d loved for seven years. And she was sorting preserve cases at his store, as she’d done for the last four years. She stood not six paces from him, and yet so far away.

Peter’s fingers squeezed the ring box in his jacket. This time he was going to go through with it, no matter if she pointedly changed the subject, or hastily found excuses to be elsewhere, or pushed other eligible young women at him. Dadburn it, today he’d have his answer, a “yay” or a “nay” instead of living in this wretched bog of uncertainty.

The store had already closed. He just needed to grate the key in the locks while Patience tidied the shelves. The falling winter sun made long shadows on the floor between them. Now she had put down the strawberry preserves and taken an inventory list. She moved towards the mercantile section.

His heavy boots clomped on the hardwood floor, but his heart clomped louder. His fingers tightened around the red velvet box. It was a white gold ring and a miner’s cut diamond. Size six, as he’d discovered four years ago when he’d stolen her glove.

Patience’s brown hair twisted back around her ears. She always complained it lay too flat, and said her younger sister teased her about having a mottled complexion. But he’d never seen hair shine like hers, and her soft skin set off brown eyes that possessed a luster no girl in Gilman could match. And her smile. Oh, her smile. She could turn Antarctica into the tropics by just curving her lips.

A head-high shelf of baking perishables hemmed them in on one side while bolts of fabric made up the other side of the narrow aisle.

“Patience Callahan, will you,” Peter slid the box out of his pocket, and started to lower one knee to the ground.

Her gaze flicked to the ring box. “Why, Peter,” she stepped into him, blocking all attempts at kneeling. “I’ve been meaning to tell you my news.”

Her long fingers were slender. Yet, they could move lickety-split when sorting spools or organizing canned goods.

“I just received this.” Patience tugged a newspaper clipping out of her pocket along with a small daguerreotype. “This is Arnie Dehaven. He’s a Montana rancher. I’ve answered his mail-order bride advertisement and I’m marrying him.”

Author Bio:

anne evans (2)

Anne Garboczi Evans is a mental health counselor, military spouse, and mama to an opinionated little preschooler named “Joe-Joe.” Her inspiration for Plum Pudding Bride came from moving to the Colorado Rockies. You can find Anne online at annegarboczievans.blogspot.com

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NaNoWriMo Insanity!

Come on, you all knew I was going to write about this at some point, no matter how bad I have been about writing in general! Yes, I am doing it again – against my better judgement, I might add, since I still have not (much to my shame) finished the book I started last year! But I am doing it nonetheless because I think it is good for me, and I love the camaraderie, and most of all, I loved winning last year!

Not that I have gotten off to a great start – it is already day 4, and I am all of 2700 words in! But that does not mean I am going to give up – no way! And I am dragging a couple of my friends down with me, kicking and screaming. My goal this time is not to be so ashamed of telling people that I am doing this. That – if someone asks what I am doing, I will actually tell them instead of ducking my head and mumbling some round about excuse. Because, as I mentioned in a previous post – I am tired of being ashamed of my love of writing, just because I haven’t been published. Not being published does not affect the fact that I love writing and have for 20+ years. But I am getting on a tangent.

This post was just to say – Hi world! Here I am, and I am doing something crazy – again!

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