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I woke up this morning unhappy. To start with, it was 9:00 AM! And I was AWAKE! On one of the few days I could sleep in! Now, I don’t want any smart aleck remarks from you morning people. Yes, 9:00 AM on a holiday morning is way too early. Especially when you were up until 1:00 AM the night previous, enjoying the fact it is a holiday weekend. So, yeah. There was that. And then there was this nagging reminder in the back of my mind that tomorrow I have to go to New Jersey and Daniel has to go on his business trip, and we aren’t going to see each other until next Saturday. Yes, I still like traveling. But I am ready to  be home/with Daniel longer than a few days at a time. I am looking very forward to next week, when we are both going to be home ALL WEEK LONG!

So, anyway. my solution to being unhappy was to busy myself. So I made crepes, with whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast. And thought about writing. And wrote to my best friend about writing instead. Which sort of counts, right? Anyway, then Daniel and his dad were going to leave to go finish fixing a fence at one of his dad’s rental houses. I was feeling cold, but didn’t want to go outside, and didn’t want to write, and didn’t want to read, and in general was feeling quite temperamental, and quite unhappy that Daniel was going to be gone for a few hours. And then he said the magic words. “Would you like us to drop you off at Starbucks?” I stared at my brilliant husband. “They have nice outdoor seating.” He continued. My face lit up, my mood brightened, and I was ready to go in five minutes.

And now I am contentedly sitting outside Starbucks, with a delicious, not at all low calorie frappuccino, noise cancelling headphones and itunes, and my whole day’s outlook has improved. I may even find something to write about.


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Tonight I made lasagna, baking powder biscuits, and, again, salad. Although, I don’t think the salad should count since it is a pre-mixed bag. Because I grew up saving money, I still always immediately grab the most inexpensive ingredient I see at the grocery store. This time, interestingly, the least expensive cheese for my lasagna was Velveeta’s new shredded mozzarella, on sale for only $2 a bag! It actually gave the lasagna a very rich, creamy taste. I haven’t decided if I like it better or not, but Daniel’s family didn’t seem to mind. I did love the new baking powder biscuit recipe I found! Best batch I have made in a long time, I think! I think I will bookmark this recipe: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/basic-biscuits

I am slowly working my way back up to writing. On Friday, I began writing [very light] character sketches for everyone in my book. I was starting to lose track of names, which is never good. Plus I discovered that, true to Writer’s Digest articles, knowing the background of your characters, whether your audience knows them or not, helps you know where you want to go next in your story and adds depth to the character. So this may be one of my new writing-stalling techniques. If I don’t know what to write, maybe I will work on the background sketches. It will make me feel like I am working without actually having to come up with the next piece of the story. 😛

An article I read in one of my Writer’s Digest magazines did help me, though. It recommended giving your character a scar or trauma from his or her background. In other words, something bad that happened that helped make them who they are or influences who they are now. Well, that wouldn’t work with Elizabeth, since the general point is that she has never had to deal with hardship her entire life. But that doesn’t mean her mother couldn’t have had something in her background – and that maybe she could tell the story to Elizabeth, and that maybe that would be the true turning point in Elizabeth’s attitude! This has been a problem I have had, you see – how does someone self-centered and unhappy finally begin to notice others around her and take little steps toward becoming a new person? Movies have it easy. Begin nostalgic music sequence, show-several-flash-scenes-slowly-becoming-closer-with-hated-person-and-smiling-more, have-one-scene-with-enlightened-look, end music sequence: presto, changed person. Books, you actually have to spell it out. The thought process, the reasons, the scene. So, if Breanna (Elizabeth’s mother) would just be so good as to tell me what she suffered, then a part of my problem would be solved. I had this idea of what she was going to say to Elizabeth on the plane Friday, but wanted to put it off until I wasn’t so close to landing, and, of course, have completely lost what it was. I should know better than to wait to write down an inspiration by now.

Ah, me. The things you forget after not writing for awhile.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day (again), and inviting you to remember to write for 15 minutes – or at least to remind me to, since I am sure I will put it off without a reminder. 😛

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Today was my first truly relaxing day in ages. Granted, last Sunday, I did nothing but sleep all day, but I felt like that was more  recovering from the previous couple weeks and simultaneously saving up to survive the next couple weeks. Today felt different, mostly, I think, because I get three days in a row to relax. Granted, today probably wasn’t everyone’s idea of relaxing. I am at Daniel’s family’s house in Oklahoma right now. Last week was a very busy Monday and Tuesday, trying to get anything I needed to done at the office, and then very long days in Kansas City as I worked on all our projects at once. I put in 61 hours last week! So, it took awhile to shake off the feeling that I needed to work, but after that, really enjoyed not worrying about anything. I slept in until 9:30 or so, and didn’t get up until at least an hour later. Then Daniel went to help his dad with fixing a fence and I spent the afternoon making a robot shaped cake for his dad’s birthday. Like I said, not everyone would find that relaxing, but it was my first time baking in weeks (other than last night), and I found it therapeutic. Last night I made an apple crisp pizza, which was also awesome.

I was going to write more – but I am enjoying some wine, and watching Cars (Yes, Cars), so have lost my train of thought. 🙂

Enjoy Memorial weekend, everyone!

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Technically, I am about to be in a meeting. One of our planning meetings. But since it is the last thing I feel like doing today, I figured I would distract myself for the last couple minutes before people start filtering in by writing a very random post indeed. A meeting every day for three days in a row. I am tired. I don’t feel like working today. I want to just sleep in my hotel or sit around lazily and do nothing. I am sure I am not the only one this dreary Wednesday morning.

On the up side, my husband is joining me at my hotel today and will be staying until we leave Saturday! Ashley is going to join us as well and Benjamin, Daniel, Ashley and I are going to find something to explore in the area! Or at least take a mild vacation of a sort. 🙂

Well, people are dialing in so I guess my moments of stalling are over. And here is my reminder to you for today. Well, and to myself.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring enough worries of its own. - Matthew 6:34

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Just an Update

What a month it has been! And what a month it will continue to be. I have either had guests or been gone on business and personal trips for all but 4 days in the last month, and will be traveling every week for the next month as well. Don’t get me wrong – I am still loving my new job – it is just beginning to take some getting used to – being gone so much. I watch these movies with the power loving CEO women, who have their entire lives in control – their house in perfect order, their clothes, manicures, and make-up always impeccable, whether on or off an airplane, and I wish I could be like them. But I guess there is a reason it is a movie, right? You tend to wear comfortable clothes for flights – not the tight fitting suits and high heels you wear for the meetings you flew to. I guess I could do better at putting makeup on every day, though. And I am determined to begin working out again – so I can at least look good in those jeans and t-shirts I am wearing on the airplane! That is a step in the right direction, isn’t it? I love having things in order – I like my house in order, my clothes in order, my life in order, my work in order – I just don’t like the work that goes into making my life perfect. So – I am going to have to find a balance somewhere along the line. I guess that is life, right? Balance.

Speaking of balance – I have done a terrible job of balancing God, writing, and my work life. I need to work on that too. It is hard, when your life is going well, albeit terribly busy, to remember that God has given you everything you have, and making time for Him shouldn’t be a second thought. Or even a “making time” for Him –  we should make Him the foundation. So much easier said than done. And writing – I am just simply fearful of not writing well – or not having an inspiration when I pick up my pen (or keyboard – either one).  So yeah. But at least I am aware of these weaknesses and therefore can (hopefully) move forward on fixing them.

And that is all I have to say.

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