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So, I know that I just turned 28. And I am supposed to be grown up and have it all figured out. Heck, if it was like the movies, I should currently be “the youngest CEO to ever run X company!”. But, it isn’t the movies. And life isn’t really like that. Inside, I still feel like an insecure 16 year old. I find it hard to believe that people look at me and see a grown woman instead of a young girl who is just learning to work in the professional world. I know compared to a lot of people, I am still just learning to work the professional world – but . . .well, I think you know what I am saying. I still have the impulse, when people ask me a question, to pretend I don’t know anything, because I can’t imagine that my input would be anything more than what they already know.

But this post wasn’t meant to go into all of that. What I was going to say, was, I am . . .on my first business trip ever! Okay, so it is only to New Jersey, and only one night, and my main function for the meeting tomorrow will be note-taking. But it doesn’t take away the fact that I get to charge everything, even the hotel and coffee and food, to the company! I feel grown up, and yet, still like a little girl since I am so excited to be on a business trip “just like the girls in those chick flicks!” And next week I am off to Boston!

And no one is allowed to comment and tell me that traveling for work isn’t all that it is cracked up to be, and that it gets old fast! I am allowed to be excited the first few times, until I get tired of it my own self! 🙂

And that is my grown-up moment for tonight.


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It has been a long time since I have written a blog post due to insomnia. As I am fond of saying, since I met Daniel, my bouts of sleeplessness have been less and less. Even though we did not sleep together until we were married, somehow just knowing him made me more comfortable and I slept well more and more. But for some reason, the last few nights my sleeplessness has returned, and I find myself tossing and turning, and no matter how heavy my head is, I cannot sleep, or I will be just drifting off, and I will suddenly become aware I am drifting off and jolt awake again. And, as always, by the time I start seriously considering taking sleeping medicine, it is so late that I know it will affect my ability to get up for work or whatever other obligation I have going on. So, tonight, after two hours of tossing and turning, and being unable to fall asleep, despite turning on a fan, trying every sleeping position possible, drinking water, praying for everyone I can think of, laying and staring at the ceiling, I have finally decided to just get up and write a blog post about how frustrating it is to not be able to go to sleep when you are exhausted.

In keeping with what I just said, did you know it is incredibly frustrating not to be able to go to sleep, when your eyes keep wanting to close, your head aches with sleepiness, and you want nothing more than to crawl into your soft, warm bed, and sink into a deep, restful sleep? So, now I have read the Bible, written in my journal, jotted out a blog post – so the question remains, at what point should I try again? I keep staring at the clock – 1:27 AM – and thinking about how I need to be up for work in the morning and how I am going to be falling asleep during the day, which is incredibly embarrassing on a new job! Or any job, for that matter.

Maybe I should use this opportunity to write for a bit – but I feel too frustrated. Maybe I should read? but then I will get all involved in my book and not want to put it down and it will be 3:00 AM before I try again. I knew I should keep some MidNite on hand. I should remember to buy some next time we are at the store.

Well, at any rate – I will stop bothering all you poor people who are probably actually able to sleep – and get some water, and sit here and think about when to try to go back to sleep.

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I hope you all have been having as lovely a month as I have. As I mentioned in my last post, my husband had a weekend away planned for us this past weekend. It was even more lovely than I anticipated. The Foxfield Inn in Charlottesville, VA was just adorable – I am fairly certain that he reserved the biggest suite in the Inn. A Jacuzzi, a fireplace, a settee. . . and just to top it off, he had a dozen red and white roses, a personalized cake, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in the room for me. He made reservations at an Italian restaurant in town, which had the best tiramasu I have ever tasted! The next day, we visited Monticello, and just to finish off the weekend, we stopped at a winery on the way back for a tasting.

In addition, I have been having a great time learning my new job. It is so much more interesting than my last one, and I actually get to use my brain. The only issue with this, is that I haven’t been asked to use my brain since I graduated – every day I feel how rusty it is! Hopefully I don’t do anything stupid and get fired before I work out all the kinks! 😛

I have been shamefully lax about writing, though! It is time to get back on the ball. I decided to start with Writer’s Digest current “Your Story” competition, which currently consists of just coming up with the beginning sentence for a story based on a picture. “Just”, hm? Amazing how difficult it becomes to come up with an intriguing beginning sentence when you know it is all someone is going to read! Although, I suppose that is something to keep in mind for the future – how many times have I picked up a book, read the first sentence and decided if I am going to like it or not?

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So yesterday was my birthday! Such a different birthday from last year! Last year was just miserable. Daniel and I both were sick, and Daniel didn’t seem to understand that just because I said we should wait to celebrate my birthday until we were well didn’t mean to ignore my birthday entirely, and I felt too sick to be understanding about the fact that he was feeling too sick to even try to fuss over my birthday. Yes, even in my mid-twenties, I can unfortunately be that petty. 😛 But that evening, despite not feeling well, he tried to make up for the necessarily low-key birthday I had had by bringing me out to coldstone creamery for ice-cream. We got the ice-cream, went back down to the parking garage – and the car wouldn’t start. We ate the cold ice cream in a cold parking garage, coughing constantly, while we waited for AAA, which, by the way, we had to sign up for on the spot because it turns out it had expired right before our wedding and we hadn’t remembered to renew . . . Oh, what a birthday that was! Of course, he brought me out for a very nice dinner two weeks late when we were finally well. 🙂

Yesterday, however, was delightful! Oh, I had to work all day, of course, but that was okay. 🙂 It is fun getting in the groove of things in my new job, and planning travel to different states! Daniel ran down to the little cafe in our apartment building to buy me an egg and cheese croissant sandwich for breakfast – my favorite breakfast sandwich that I rarely treat myself to – and that evening, Ben, Ashley, Daniel and I all went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for happy hour. They have a surprisingly reasonable happy hour – and the waiter recommended this Cabernet Sauvignon that was just divine! Afterwards, we went back to the apartment and played games and ate ice cream cake! Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, which has always been a wish of mine! It was soo good – I can’t wait to have more tonight! Screw the diet! 😀

Ben and Ashley gave me a lovely Thomas Kinkade calender, which was perfect both because I adore Thomas Kinkade and because I refused to buy a 2015 calendar on the moral grounds of it being too expensive for pieces of paper.  . .

Mom had sent gifts back with me from Christmas, so I opened those too, and she gave me a lovely tea mug that has a strainer that sits right in the mug so you can use loose leaves, and some beautiful gloves that still allow me to use my smartphone!

Daniel gave me his gifts later – he already presented me with a certificate to get a mani/pedi, but had two additional gifts. He told me to open the small one first, which ended up being a beautiful diamond necklace. But the second gift! That was what got a squeal out of me! It was a gorgeous quill pen and ink set, complete with several different types of nibs! I literally squealed with delight, as previously mentioned. I know it is incredibly odd for a girl to be more excited over a quill pen and ink than a diamond necklace – but can I help it that I am unusual? What I love most about this part of the story, however, is that my darling husband knew that I would like the quill pen more than the necklace which is why he saved it for last! How many husbands know something like that, I ask you??

Anyway, as if all that loveliness wasn’t enough (I am saying lovely a lot, aren’t I?), Daniel is bringing me to a bed and breakfast by Monticello next weekend as part of my birthday celebration.

What a lovely life God has blessed me with.

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So if any of you have been checking my storyidyls blog on blogger.com, you will note that I haven’t posted much in it. Yeah. For some reason, I don’t like it. I tried. I gave it a good go – mostly because my husband and friends are all using blogger. But – I find wordpress just so much more comfy and friendly. Something about blogger feels very cold and exposed. I find it hard to believe anyone I know except friends I invite will ever find this little nook of mine in the wordpress world, whereas I don’t trust google not to randomly publish to my world of acquaintances that I have a blog on blogger. So, I have decided to give up my brief and unsuccessful try at blogger and stick to the world I have known and loved for years. The website that really introduced me to blogging, and where my friends and I used to have joint blogs. Yup. Like it or not, I love wordpress oh-so-much-more than blogger. And that is my random post for the day.

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As I sit in my lovely living room, the Jim Brickman station playing softly in the background, curtains drawn, a cup of tea (yes, in a teacup) and the beautifully lit Christmas tree in front of me, it feels more like early morning than almost 11:00 AM. Of course, the magic of the moment keeps being rudely interrupted by my need to blow my nose. Dratted colds. But that is the besides the point. The point is, my husband, during evening prayers last night, thanked God for several things over the last year that left me in a reflective mood even to this morning. God has so blessed me!

Last year, and even the year before, were full of fun and joy, and I welcome the year stretching before me with open arms. How different from the years before I met my husband, where years stretched before me with pain and trial, and the constant prayer that God would get me through. How it was worth going through those years to get to these happy ones! Years where I want for nothing, where I live in the capital of the free world, where I can afford, without any injury to myself, to send money to my family! This, this is what I dreamt about and prayed for all those years going through college, working three jobs, taking 18 credits, not eating because I couldn’t afford or didn’t have time for food, watching my bank account drop to $1.50 and praying for another babysitting job so I could make the next bill. Crying tears of joy in my car after that babysitting job did come through and God moved on them to give me a few extra dollars, which would allow me to just make my next car payment.

Oh, I am not bemoaning those years – by no means! Nor the years before, when I watched my family go through more suffering than any family should and worked to put food on the table for my family while my mom tried to find help for my dad’s dreadful chronic condition. No, I believe going through that is what made me into who I am, what gave me strength to work my way through the world and put myself through college and find a good job, what laid such a strong foundation for trusting Him, for knowing that no matter how bad things appeared, He always came through. So, for that, I am grateful. But for what He has now blessed me with, I am even more thankful -and so much more thankful than I would have known to be had I not gone though the trials first.

So, enough of my poetic reflections. 🙂 Highlights of my last year!

1. A free cruise to the bahamas!

2. The swim-up bar at the all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic (the trip for our first anniversary).

3. Paying off multiple credit cards!

4. Getting a job I love! (so far, at least! 🙂 )

5. Getting curtains for our new apartment!

6. Last night, seeing my American girl dolls, Felicity and Samantha, dressed in their Christmas best by the Christmas tree. Now how is that for a childhood dream come true?

As if you haven’t had enough of my rambling, I am not done yet. I did, for once, create goals for the New Year! And, for the first time in my life, I didn’t create them based off of everyone asking me if I was doing any New Year goals! I created them because I wanted to!

1. Lose 30 pounds. I have gained so much weight since meeting Daniel, which is probably due to actually eating, that it is now time to get back down to an ideal weight, though, per entreaties from friends and families and comments about how unhealthy I looked, I am not going to go back to the 120 I weighed when Daniel and I started dating. Instead I am aiming for a more natural 130.

2. Complete my novel A Picture of the Past. I mean complete as in, completed and edited – ready to be submitted to a publisher if I should so choose.

3. Make money writing. I know, I know, very general. Mostly goals should be quite narrow and easy to measure, but this one is different for me. The truth is, I don’t know what a reasonable number to put would be. What I want, is to begin submitting stories to contests and articles for freelance and see what happens, with the intention of giving myself an idea of how hard it would be to make a good living writing if I were to do it full-time. Not to say I am not grateful for the job I do have! I am! And I intend to work it for a minimum of a year, probably two! But that doesn’t change the fact that writing for a living has been my dream since I was 8 years old, and Daniel and I have discussed many times how feasible it would be to make it work. So I figure, if I can make any money writing while I work full time, maybe it will give me an idea of what to expect.

I feel like I should make a fourth goal, like a financial or other more responsible adult-ish goal, but I don’t really feel like it. Besides, Daniel and I already have our financial goals, set shortly after we married! And, with his recent raise, and my new job, it looks like we are back on track to meeting our goal of being completely debt free by the end of 2018! So I will leave it at that.

You will all be relieved to know that I am now done rambling and ready to release you back to your own New Year!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God bless us, every one!

American Girl Dolls

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